Peixin Ye


Peixin Ye is a national category 2 erhu performer of the Central National Chinese Orchestra of China and member of the Chinese National Orchestral Society and the Erhu Society.

At a very young age, she learned the erhu with Professor Duan Yongqiang and Professor An Ruli. she graduated from the China Conservatory of Music and she obtained a bachelor’s degree in erhu. Later, she was admitted to the Central National Chinese Orchestra.

Peixin’s erhu professional foundation is solid and profound. At the age of nine, she won second place in the Beijing Erhu Invitational Junior Competition. 

During her university studies, she recorded a series of folk songs for the CCTV music channel. She won third prize in the Youth Erhu Competition in Beijing Region and second place in the Stringed instruments professional group competition organized by the Ministry of Culture. She played as soloist in “Deep Night” program in the “Sanxiaxiang” tour in Xinjiang and the “Jiangshan” Chinese New Year concert in 2003.

With over ten years of performing in the Central National Chinese Orchestra, Peixin Ye has accumulated rich experience, and has travelled to Japan, South Korea, Russia, Egypt, Greece, the United States, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway and other countries, to show various important forms of music. There are countless performances through art exchanges and participation in large and medium-sized domestic performances.

After she was admitted in the China Conservatory of Music in 2007, she studied under the renowned erhu instructor – Professor An Ruli and pursued a Master of Arts degree, devoting herself to music research. 

In Shanghai and Hangzhou, she was under the tutelage of Jiangnan Sizhu, Master Zhou Wei and Shen Fengquan for several months. She also played many ensembles with various Jiangnan Sizhu folk performers. based on her deep understanding of the folk culture of Jiangnan Sizhu and inheriting the essence of the master tradition, this culture has been practiced and integrated within two years. 

In June 2009, she successfully held the “Jiangnan Silk Bamboo and Erhu Concert” at the Concert Hall of the China Conservatory of Music and received great praise.