Cynthia Qin


Cynthia Qin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing. The professional path she has chosen and her drive towards excellence have since earned her many accolades and she is already considered a staple in the Greater Toronto Area music scene.

She started playing the zither when she was 7 years old and soon realized that by combining her talent with hard work she could go far. After finishing a 20-year music studies stint and starting to play professionally Cynthia Qin has been successful in developing her own distinctive style. Her performances are skilful, her timbre is soft and brilliant and her expression is exquisite. Whether playing traditional or modern music – each genre demanding a different, but complicated set of skills – she can always deliver.

Her relentless determination to achieve excellence also fostered broad exposure in her native country: she was invited to perform during the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and to participate in a show for CCTV (China Central Television, the predominant state television broadcaster).

Soon after immigrating to Canada she was invited to participate in the production of “Lesson of Da Ji”, authored by the famous Canadian composer Alice Ho. Recently Cynthia was also offered the opportunity to join Ron Korb, a well-known flute player, in the CD recording process slated to be launched in the GTA soon. She actively participates and performs in many significant events, building on her achievements to move forward with ambitious goals.