President Message


It is with a sense of pride and humility that I can be at the helm of this institution for so many years. I recognize that I would never be able to achieve the goals set before me, had I not have the collaboration, enthusiasm and dedication of all associates and entities that share the same passion that I have and wholeheartedly believe in our project.

Our more than 400 enthusiastic members have been the driving force behind our aspirations, which are essentially the promotion of Macao, its culture in Canada through various programs and activities, as well as closer ties of friendship among the Macanese, Portuguese and Chinese communities of Toronto.

At the same time, we are in constant contact with local entities, and with private and governmental institutions of Macao SAR, all of whom have provided immense support in the implementation of our initiatives.

Although Amigu di Macau currently does not have its own venue, we keep in constant touch with our partners and supporters. Platforms such as E-mail, Club portal, Facebook and even YouTube have served as important and convenient means of contact and dialogue, and notifications of meetings which we hold periodically to build new friendship and strengthen existing ones, and to emphasize the importance of unity.

Herewith is an open invitation to all the netizens to visit our Amigu di Macau portal to better know and understand our institution.

José Cordeiro