Our Mission Statement


Amigu di Macau (Toronto) is a non-profit organization founded and officially registered in Canada in 2002. It aims to promote Macao and its culture in Canada as well as the well-being of its Toronto-based community.

Although Macao’s culture originated in China, its uniqueness was fundamentally influenced by the Europeans, due to the fact that of the Portuguese presence for many centuries. Throughout this period Macao’s poets and artists, both Chinese and European, have contributed to the cultural influence of Macao art and culture, including literature, painting, photography, music and dance.  Through various activities and events, Amigu di Macau (Toronto) strives to promote the appreciation of this bicultural legacy as a living and evolving cultural legacy, thus contributing to the enrichment of community life. Above all, Amigu di Macau (Toronto) seeks to ensure the continuity of this unique culture, essentially through initiatives promoted by the Canadian community.

Our two music groups offer a traditional repertoire of Macanese, Portuguese and western folk music as well as Chinese classical music. We believe that music is one of the many vehicles to draw together our community and foreign audience and simultaneously preserve and promote Macao’s cultural identity, which is rich in Canadian multiculturalism. In this way, and together with other ethnic communities, we can contribute and maintain a culturally diverse but united Canada.