On this occasion, I would like to thank everyone for your unconditional support in helping to make this institution successful over the years. In retrospect, I would say that we had undergone some hardships but, consequently, we learned to overcome them and to grow as well. With the assistance of some past members and current ones, the Executive Council has confidently met, and will continue to meet its objectives.

Using three types of Chinese instruments, the seven members that formed the first generation of our musical group brought a breath of fresh air to the Macanese communities spread throughout the world and the Canadian community at large. With the commissioning of the new Music Director in 2009 and a new recruitment policy, the number of members increased to 13, with eight different musical instruments.
However, the club does not thrive on only playing music, but, in conjunction with organizations in Canada and MacauSAR, it has promoted numerous cultural and artistic activities. The volume of associates had reached a number which we never imagined or expected 10 years ago.
The attendance at our events speaks for itself.

Our club’s website will continue to be our portal for dissemination and information sharing, as without this means of contact, we will not be able to reach our common objectives and connections to the community.

Thank you.

José Cordeiro
President of the Executive Council