Macie Ho


Macie Ho had been appointed special Pipa performer for the Fujian Opera and Ballet Troupe of China for 18 years. She furthered her studies in music theory and Pipa skills at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music with famous music educators Dr. Xu Lan Yip and Dr. Shi Chen Lin. Demonstrating a significant advancement in her musical theory and technique. Macie won prizes in many music contests, and her performance of “Melody of the Country” was adopted as definitive in teaching curriculum in the music institutes in China. Macie represented the Chinese government on visits to other countries to facilitate cultural exchanges and charity events.

In Canada, Macie participated as a Pipa virtuoso in many musical performances, including the Toronto Multicultural Festival, Asian Expo at the Japanese Cultural Center, Royal Ontario Museum, Lion Dance Festival, CNE New Year Concert for local television programs. Macie is a unique Chinese musician who was invited to perform in shows held by CBC, and by OMNI2 in 2007. In the following years, Macie founded the “Toronto Chinese Music School”, “Chinese Music Studies Association of Ontario” and “Chamber Music for Chinese Traditional Instruments”.

With her solid musical training and experience in Pipa performance, Macie not only taught many students in Pipa performance, but also created her unique style. Her tone is delicate and gentle, demonstrating a fine understanding of the instrument and feel of the music in her performances.