Our Music Group

Our musical group initially comprised of seven performers using three different Chinese instruments. Most of the performers had no previous experience, but all of them had a determination to learn hard and in a short time-frame, so they could be ready for the group’s first performance at the Encounter of the Macanese Communities held in Macau in December 2004, which was considered a success, and well-received by the Macanese community.

The group returned to Toronto with future plans. From then on, they began performing regularly at the invitation of some of the Portuguese and Chinese communities.  The performances were held on special occasions and at different festivities for a varied audience and, over time, it developed quite a great reputation.

The year 2009 was the turning point, as we commissioned a new Music Director so the group can achieve a higher level of technical perfection and musical harmony.  The number of group members and musical instruments gradually increased. It now has 13 members, including some professional musicians, using eight different instruments: pipa, zheng, erwu, guowu, yangqin, medium ruan, dizi and the cello.
In terms of repertoire, the group plays Macanese and western music and, of course, Chinese music.

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